Cloud Test Drive (Greensboro) - Chatbot Development

  • 08/17/2019
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • 1451 S. Elm-Eugene St., Greensboro, NC

Customer relationships with businesses and freelances can greatly benefit with the help of chat bots. This Test drive will focus on building, connecting, and deploying artificially intelligent chat bots to help answer common or frequent questions. If done correctly, chatbots can handle all the tedious and time consuming tasks while people and staff can spend more time solving more complicated problems.

About Test Drive

Who else wants to grow their career, change their caareer, and make more money? Our event will help with that. Test Drive is an expert - led event workshops focused on helping you build a portfolio of effective solutions in cloud computing that builds your credibility and connects you to experts that will help you earn more income and make building your career a larger payoff. We aim to build your skills andthrough mentorship, experience, and case studies.

Test Drive with Rtriad.PRO

These events are designed uniquely for you to grow your skills in Cloud Technology. Our motto is "Learn to Earn!" We want to help enthusiasts to arm themselves with skills, experiences and a growth mindset to dominate in their cloud career aspirations. Whether you are already in the industry or hoping to break in, this event is for you.

We know that "No one knows it all", and "No one knows how much you know until you let them know". So come join a network where that can and will happen while gain some valuable experience and meet some awesome people!

Building a Cloud Army (RTriad.PRO)

We are in the process of accelerating career growth by shortening the distance between enthusiasts and experts, while increasing the frequency of interaction. While most services are offering training, we are offering experiences to develop the context to understand your training. Training covers how technology works, but we examine things like “what happens when it doesn’t work” with experts who have had that experience. First community of its kind ever, learners gain access to industry leaders, training, tools, events, and a community of experts and enthusiasts. Learn and generate additional streams of income as your skills grow. Experts serving as mentors are also available!

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